World-famous from the Netherlands


The Netherlands produces cheese like no other. We have been famous since the Golden Age and have made making it to an art form. Our Dutch Classic are the ultimate proof of this: traditional Dutch cheese with a full authentic taste. So, you can enjoy the best we have to offer, anywhere in the world.


Our Amanti cheeses are there to love. For bon vivants, cooking enthusiasts, and daredevils who want to taste and try something crazy. The chic appearance is in itself a feast for the eye. And when you smell the scent of nuts, sharp mustard, lavender, or wild garlic, you know: this is going to be good.


V.S.O.C. is made to the original Gouda recipe in Holland, using only the best Dutch milk. To make a full wheel, we use no less than 110 liters of milk. After the traditional production process, the cheese is matured on wood in our spedal ageing room for no less than 1, 2 and even 3 years. Throughout this time, it is regularly hand-waxed and turned until it reaches V.S.O.C. quality standard.


The best of both worlds. Enjoy the intense flavour of a fine mature Gouda cheese combined with aromatic hops and Paulus Beer Cheese really does give you the best of both worlds: a perfect example of old Dutch craftsmanship, based on a traditional beer recipe from the sixteenth century. A luxuriant taste of the past in a cheese for today.

How do you like your Gouda? Caramel, vanilla, decaf?!

Meet our ‘slow roasted’ Coffee cheese! The sweet strong flavour of our Mocca d’or coffee in combination with our full fat Gouda cheese brings a rich combination to savour. You can now enjoy a relaxed ‘coffee break’ on your cheese platter.

Mocca d’or is an expert in roasting unique espresso blends according to the slowroast method. With this method, coffee beans are roasted longer in order to release a greater aromatic coffee flavour. As we see with the aging of our natural cheeses, it takes a little more time, but taste and aroma are at their best!

Nowadays coffee is not just an experience, it is becoming a lifestyle, as it is for unique cheeses. We at Daily Dairy and Mocca d’or combined our strengths in order to create this unique 2kg cheese. Take a little break to try it for yourself, ‘’Bakkie?!’’

This strong characteristic whisky inspired us to create a strong and pure whisky cheese for our daring cheese lovers available in 2 kg wheels and pieces.


Cheese with character. Making top quality cheese requires professional knowledge, patience, and intuition. Our cheesemakers carefully select the best dairy products in the country. From adding the rennet, separating the curds and whey, to taking care of the cheese during the ripening process. Every cheese deserves craftsmanship and pure love, to ensure that once you taste it, you never want anything else. Interested in your own cheese? Feel free to contact us for the cheese of the day.