For the love of cheese and planet

We love cheese. The real thing. Creamy and full of flavour. All types and shapes. But we also love flowers, birds and bees. And all other precious life that surrounds us. We care for the planet and want to make sure we pass it on in great shape for generations to come. All this comes together in Happy Dairy. Enjoy our new label of nature-friendly and seriously tasty cheese.

HD Veganstyle - Cheddar Piece 200g

HD Veganstyle - Cheddar Slices 200g

HD Veganstyle - Cheddar Block 5.5kg

HD Veganstyle - Gouda Piece 200g

HD Veganstyle - Gouda Slices 200g

HD Veganstyle - Gouda Block 5.5kg

HD Veganstyle - Mozzarella Piece 200g

HD Veganstyle - Mozzarella Slices 200g

HD Veganstyle - Mozzarella Block 5.5kg

Craftsmanship meets natures finest

Making the best cheese while caring for animals and nature. Thatโ€™s what Happy Dairy is all about. From organic to vegan, we guarantee an authentic cheese experience. We use the best ingredients nature provides. And always improve our process and production to make more responsible choices every day. Happy Dairy is prepared with craftsmanship built on years of tradition. Taste, structure, flavor: we make sure everything is perfect. Cheese like it should be. And even better.

Happiness on a platter

The great flavor of cheese elevates everything. From your sandwich to your dessert and from your mood to your party. But what if you imagine that all this flavour comes from blooming and buzzing meadows in which birds can nest and raise their young? From cows that are free to graze and treated well with a natural diet? Well, then it will even elevate your happiness. Happy Dairy does everything to care for a happy planet and a happy you.