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Daily Dairy Holland UHT Whole milk 1L

Full fat 3.6% milk availabel in 1L and 200 ml

Daily Dairy Holland UHT Skimmed milk 1L

Skimmed milk 0.1% fat available in 1L and 200ml

Daily Dairy Holland UHT Semi Skimmed milk 1L

Semi skimmed 1,5% fat in 1L and 200ml

UHT Milk and Cream Assortment

Long Shelf life milk available in 1L and 200ML full fat, semi skimmed and skimmed

UHT Whipping Cream 1L

Whipping and Cooking cream available in 20%, 35% and 40% 1L, PE bottle and 200ML

UHT Yoghurt cup

UHT 125gr yoghurt. Available in cherry, rapsberry, strawberry, peach and passion

Hello Kitty UHT Milk 200ml

Full fat 3.5% 200ml Hello Kitty milk with 1 year shelf life

Hello Kitty UHT Milk 3x200ml

Full fat 3.5% 200ml Hello Kitty milk packed per 3x200ml. 1 year shelf life

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